• Welcome to LatestNews! A javascript library that allows you to display news with awesome text animations
  • LatestNews comes with 200 ready-to-use animations & a theme configurator
  • LatestNews can get news content from RSS feeds, Facebook and Twitter (php required)
  • It's responsive! You can work both with fixed and percentage widths
  • It allows you to manage complex text animations that are not possible using only css transitions
  • LatestNews works in all the latest browsers, with fallback strategies for old ones

Welcome to LatestNews!

A new responsive jQuery & Tweenmax plugin that allows you to show news with awesome animation effects.
It already comes with 200 ready-to-use text animations and with a Theme Configurator (360 css files included!).

Theme Configurator

LatestNews already comes with some ready-to-use themes (inside the zip you can find 360 css files!) and with a useful Configurator.


We have created 200 ready-to-use text animations grouped into two groups, IN (with fade-in effect) and OUT (with fade-out effect). Check it out.


LatestNews can get news items in different ways:

  • from a standard <ul> html list
  • through a javascript parameter
  • from a rss feed
  • from Facebook (php files included)
  • from Twitter (php files included)

Running Wordpress?

Check out our LatestNews for Wordpress