CoolText Wordpress Examples

Below you can find some examples that show you the basic usage of CoolText Wordpress Plugin. It can be used in two ways: with shortcodes (the following examples show how) and with advanced settings (for more details see the documentation).

1. Single animation

Let's start with a simple example that animates a text with the IN animation (with a fade in effect) called cool15.

[cooltext sequence="cool15"]sample text to animate[/cooltext]


2. Sequence

The following example performs three animations in sequence.

[cooltext sequence="cool33,cool103,cool215"]sample text to animate[/cooltext]


3. Animation Parameters

CoolText allows you to animate both letters and words and to control speed, stagger, delay, color and items order. For more information about the available animation parameters, see the documentation.

[cooltext sequence="cool2-words, cool108-letters-80-300-0-reverse-#098DBA, cool231-letters-75-100-0-random-white"]sample text to animate[/cooltext]


4. Text Rotation

CoolText allows you to create a text rotation simply specifying a separator. Here is an example:

[cooltext sequence="cool47,cool116,cool230" separator="-" settings="cycle"]this is the first text-this is the second text-this is the third text[/cooltext]


5. Mouse Events

CoolText can also animate text on mouseover, mouseout and click.

[cooltext mouseover="cool160"]sample text to animate[/cooltext]

sample text to animate

6. Animating on Visible

You can choose to start an animation when your text become visible while scrolling.

[cooltext visible="cool16"]sample text to animate[/cooltext]

sample text to animate