300 ready-to-use animations

CoolText Wordpress Plugin already comes with 300 awesome ready-to-use animations.

Impossible using only css3

CoolText allows you to use complex text animations that are impossible using only css transitions.


CoolText lets you animate letters or words, control speed and stagger, create animation sequences and so on. Go to the examples >


CoolText works in all the latest browsers, and partially in old ones (for example some features like 3D transforms in IE9 may be disabled).


The text is split into words & letters using position:relative and display:inline-block, so it will be naturally wrapped as the parent element changes size.

Shortcodes or Settings

CoolText Wordpress Plugin can be used both with wordpress shortcodes and with advanced settings. For more details go to the docs >

SEO friendly

You don't have to alter your html structure. CoolText Wordpress Plugin can animate almost every tag containing text.


CoolText Wordpress Plugin takes advantage of TweenMax and the flexibility of jQuery.